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5 Best Google Games to Play on Different Platforms

From smart home devices to Assistant to web services, Google offers a lot of exciting things. Not only this, but Google provides you various games also that you might not know. The company lets users play multiple hidden games on different Google products such as Chrome, Earth, Search, and more. The below-given games are the best Google games for you.
5 Best Google Games to Play on Different Platforms
Through Chrome
  1. Dino Run
Millions of people use Google Chrome all around the world to surf the internet. It is hard to pass the time when the internet goes down in your device. But, this game is destined as the best source of entertainment when you don’t have stable internet. It shows up with the No internet error, and you have to hit the space button on your keyboard to make the T-Rex run. Keep jumping when obstacles come in between the way to make the new high score.
Through Google Search
  1. Tic Tac Toe
You might know about this game as all of us have played it with our friends and family. It is a classic yet straightforward mind game that will never be forgotten. Google provides this game in Google Search. Type its name in the search section, and you will see the game in results. Start playing instantly from there.
Through Google Earth
  1. Flight Simulator
Google Earth is a great tool being offered by Google. It is useful for the ones who love to explore different places from time to time. You might know about all of its benefits but do you know you can have fun in it as well. Yes, it is possible to fly SR22 and F-16 plane with the use of flight simulator feature available in Google Earth. First, download Google Earth Pro on your computer and hit Ctrl+Alt+A button for launching the flight simulator once it opens. Choose a specific location, next, to fly over there. Make sure you don’t crash the flight though.
Through Android
  1. Android Game
There is a hidden game available with every new Android version. You don’t even have to install anything to play this game. Visit Settings in your Android phone and tap the option which shows the Android version of your device many times. You will see the logo of the specific Android version on the screen. Tap on the displayed logo continuously to enjoy the hidden Android game. Android devices with Oreo version feature an octopus, which can be controlled through your fingertips.
Through Google Assistant
  1. Stone Paper Scissors
Google’s Virtual Assistant is not only capable of helping you in difficult times. It can be an ideal companion to have fun with, in leisure time, as well. There are various games offered in Google Assistant. Just give the command “play game,” and it will show you the list of multiple games. If you wish to play one of the best Google Assistant games, search for Stone Paper Scissors. Other than this, you can play quizzes, games based on words, and more.
Google Assistant solely provides around 20 games for playing. There are multiple other games available for other platforms as well. Explore all these hidden Google games in your free time!
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